Going Rogue: 

Rethinking UX Research

Jessica Bates,

Director of Research Practice

Motivate Design



Speakers : Jeff Sauro, Tim Bosenick, Lee Cooper    

Experts agree that it is important to measure User Experience. But

How to think creatively about research approaches that will generate user insights 





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In this webinar you will learn:

UX professionals who are interested in thinking creatively about how they generate user insights and researchers interested in understanding the applied context of UX will all benefit from watching this webinar. 

Innovation in the field: How we are using UX research well and where we can do better
Foundational systems: Other research disciplines and opportunities to borrow from them 
Getting creative with methods: Deconstructing research to new approaches - the user, the methods, the settings, etc.
Case studies: The importance of piloting and reframing


Jessica Bates

Director of Research Practice
Motivate Design

Jessica Bates works as a Director of Research Practice at Motivate Design, her focus has been on using applied and collaborative methodologies to problem solve within communities, with clients and for end-users and customers. Throughout her career, she has had a strong interest in cultivating a deeper understanding of human behaviour and motivation, as well as the cultural, social, and market influences on decision-making.


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What is UserZoom?

UserZoom is an All-in-One Enterprise software solution for Online User Experience Research. Our ‘Worry-Free’ solution offers a Quantitative and Qualitative research platform to help UX/CX, Product Managers and Marketing professionals test and measure all aspects of their web and mobile properties.

What type of UX testing gives you the best insights into your users?

Unmoderated Remote User Testing enables you to reduce cost, save time, recruit with ease and improve the frequency of usability testing. With UserZoom you can run unmoderated, task-based studies with geographically dispersed participants over any web-based interface (website, prototype, mock-up). Participants take the study simultaneously, in their natural context, using their own device.

Going Rogue:

Rethinking UX Research 

with Jessica Bates, Senior UX Design Researcher

In this free webinar in collaboration with UXPA, Jessica Bates discusses specific examples where traditional qualitative research approaches have provided the conceptual basis for UX methods design, and where they also provide guardrails to experiment with process and approach.

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