Telling App Stories: 

Empathy as User Task

Madeline Coven, 

UX Designer


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Speakers : Jeff Sauro, Tim Bosenick, Lee Cooper    

Experts agree that it is important to measure User Experience. But

How empathy is used as a task for users to test apps





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In this webinar you will learn:

How to apply your empathy skills a step beyond the design process itself
The parts of Empathy as a User task
How these parts are applied to a real product
By downloading the app of the United Holocaust Memorial Museum you will have a better understanding of the process


Madeline Coven

UX Designer

Madeline was until recently a  Wordpress web designer for UNC-Chapel Hill's program to encourage women in STEM fields. She uses the skills she gained to make web sites and programs that encourage human values in users.

She recently attended the graduate program at the UNC's information science program. Before that, she studied philosophy and history at UNC, and that background prepared her to think about the specialised technical field of user interface design in terms of human values. 



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Telling App Stories:

Empathy as User Task

Madeline Coven,

UX Designer


4 PM CEST (Europe)
10 AM EDT (New York)
October 19, 2016

Most user experience designers hear that empathy is key to understanding the user base. This webinar takes that knowledge one step further.

Empathy is not only a tool for designers, but also a task and a skill for users of certain application. 

During this webinar, screen captures of an application made for the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum will be shown as an example of an application that encourages empathy in users through personal stories, visual cues and other devices.

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