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Tips for Remote 

Shopper Insight Studies


Speakers : Jeff Sauro, Tim Bosenick, Lee Cooper    

Experts agree that it is important to measure User Experience. But

Shadow first, then probe: and more tips for conducting remote research studies




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In this webinar you will learn:

An introduction to a range of tools that support moderated remote research on multiple devices
An overview of DIY recruiting tools – and some tips for using video in your recruiting screeners
Tips for moderating remote interviews and executing international studies


Suzy Sharpe

Shopper Researcher

Suzy Sharpe is an independent shopper researcher and usability consultant based in Andover, Massachusetts. Her career started in 1998 conducting in-person, task-based usability studies, however, nearly all of the studies she conducts these days are executed remotely.

Suzy loves experimenting with new tools and technologies and working them into her methodologies. Suzy is excited to share her experiences conducting remote moderated studies – and hopes attendees will leave the webinar feeling inspired to take their research to a new level.


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What is UserZoom?

UserZoom is an All-in-One Enterprise software solution for Online User Experience Research. Our ‘Worry-Free’ solution offers a Quantitative and Qualitative research platform to help UX/CX, Product Managers and Marketing professionals test and measure all aspects of their web and mobile properties.

What type of UX testing gives you the best insights into your users?

Unmoderated Remote User Testing enables you to reduce cost, save time, recruit with ease and improve the frequency of usability testing. With UserZoom you can run unmoderated, task-based studies with geographically dispersed participants over any web-based interface (website, prototype, mock-up). Participants take the study simultaneously, in their natural context, using their own device.

Tips for Remote 


Insight Studies

4 PM CET (Europe)
10 AM EDT (New York)
November 30, 2016

In this session, you learn practical tips for planning and executing moderated research studies remotely.

Suzy covers a variety of qualitative research methodologies you can layer up for your remote research, including longitudinal shopper journey studies, contextual usability interviews, and mobile diary studies.

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Suzy Sharpe,

Shopper Researcher


Suzy Sharpe,

Shopper Researcher